STUFFED PORK TENDERLOIN – marinate and grilled pork tenderloin filled with   sautéed spinach and goat cheese

CHICKEN PICCATA – With capers in a lemon white wine sauce

CHICKEN MARSALA – Tender boneless breast of chicken sautéed with Mushrooms and finished with a Marsala Wine Sauce.

CHICKEN PORTOBELLO CHAMPAGNE SAUCE – Grilled chicken breast strip sautéed Portobello mushrooms w/ champagne sauce

BAKED MEAT LASAGNA – Fresh homemade meat sauce and two cheeses nestled between layers of lasagna pasta 

STUFFED CHICKEN -(Chef special) chicken breast filled with sautéed spinach,  goat cheese and  herbs ,

CHICKEN  LARAVIA  –( “Salpicao -Brazilian style”) chef’s  special  - Pulled  grilled chicken with  carrots, raising,  ( room temperature)

CRAB CAKE **– mildly spiced crab meat 

BAKED SALMON – salmon file baked   in lemon chardonnay sauce. 

WHOLE ROASTED HAM– With fruits and maple syrup. 

CARVED GRILLED TENDERLOIN **– Accompanied with horseradish and honey mustard sauce.

PRIME RIB LA CAVINEE- Roasted boneless prime rib, marinate with herbs and spice served with béarnaise sauce 

CALIFORNIA TURKEY – Turkey breast sliced w/ fruits in light syrup. 

STEAK ROLLS –Steak rolls stuffed w/ bacon, carrots and herbs, served w/ choice of tomato or sweet pepper sauce. 

TENDERLOIN MEDALLION **- grilled tenderloin medallion   in reduced Madeira Wine sauce 

CHEF’S STYLE COD FISH- baked cod fish served with   mango papaya sauce

BUFFET CARVING STATION– choices   of meet choices of- Grilled- beef tenderloin* – beef  flank – top round- served with assorted mustard- horseradish sauce-

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